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Challenge Announcement to Create Mobile iOS App for Addiction Research

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NIDA Issues Challenge to Create Mobile iOS App for Addiction Research From National Institute […]Continue Reading →

Transitioning Care in the Face of Painkiller Addiction or Abuse

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Have you often considered that one of the most complex and challenging […]Continue Reading →

One drink doubles risk for Emergency Department grade injury. Three drinks carries 4.5x risk compared to no drinks.

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While it is not a huge surprise, but it nevertheless represents a […]Continue Reading →

Do These Rates of Stimulant Abuse Surprise You?

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 Young Adults Abuse Prescription Stimulants to Manage Over-scheduled, Stressful Lives That was […]Continue Reading →

Webinar Replay: Patient Problems with Narcotics

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If you are an office manager, medical director, or provider struggling with problems […]Continue Reading →

DEA Rule on Controlled Medication Takebacks

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Patients and Doctors are often confused about how to manage medications that […]Continue Reading →

How to think twice, before you ever exceed the FDA max dose

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Whether you are a leader of an organization, your patient’s regular prescriber, […]Continue Reading →

10 Prescription Rules Every Washington Prescriber Should Know

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A specific 2013 change in Washington State law, limits schedule III-V controlled […]Continue Reading →


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Ten Key Concepts in Chronic Opioid Therapy (below)  A physician managing chronic […]Continue Reading →

6 “Preamble” Elements of an Opioid Agreement for #ptsafety

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Prescription opioids are not the only controlled substance with a risk for […]Continue Reading →