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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Here In Washington State, where I practice as an addiction specialist, we have been successfully applying aggressive strategies to address complications from prescription drug dependence and addiction. Recently it was reported that deaths in our state are 60% compared to what they were in 2008. We changed prescribing laws, and other government and non-government actions that have made a big difference. A law such as this fails to address the realities of what pregnant women with addiction face, or what they need. This story does a good job to bring some humanity into it. The prosecutor interviewed in the story is a good example of a very zealous public servant, protecting the baby, who is in essence interfering with the bonding that might otherwise occur between the mother and the baby. We should be using our societal resources to enhance access to medication assisted treatments such as buprenorphine, and Congress should lift senseless and arbitrary restrictions and barriers to prescribing burprenorphine; so that OB/GYN and family physicians everywhere could participate in treating the large numbers of pregnant women and others needing help.

President Obama describes in this video, that more persons die of accidental overdose of prescription drugs, than motor vehicle accidents.

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